Support JetPack Comments in WordPress themes.

Comments… yeah, I leave them for last too.

I hardly can recall a dicent WP theme having nicely working (and looking) comment template. If that’s the case for you would probably like to try the Jetpack Comments extension as a module of the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. Automattic is providing some of the awesomeness as a plugin for self-hosted installations.

To get to the point I will suggest a way to support JetPack Comments in themes. The important thing to know is this module depends exclusively on the comment_form template tag. If your comments.php is not using it, you won’t get Jetpack Comments working.

How to get it working without completely annihilating your comments template.

<!-- just after walking existing comments -->
<div id="respond">
<?php if ( did_action( 'jetpack_comments_loaded' ) ) : ?>
<?php comment_form(); ?>
<?php else: ?>
<!-- here comes default theme's comment form -->
<?php endif; ?>

That’s how i enabled Jetpack Comment here using the Roots Theme where comment_form wasn’t used also. Now if I need to disable Jetpack for some reason Roots’ default comment form will kick in.

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