qTranslate – Localize language names

I’ve used qTranslate in quite some projects already. It’s not perfect but it’s surely most user-friedly multilingual plugin for WordPress. I give you that qTranslate. Every now and then a client is irritated by the fact language names appear in … Continued

Support JetPack Comments in WordPress themes.

Comments… yeah, I leave them for last too. I hardly can recall a dicent WP theme having nicely working (and looking) comment template. If that’s the case for you would probably like to try the Jetpack Comments extension as a module of … Continued

bbPress 2.x – Cure 404 header in Users Profiles

When bbPress is parsing a user query it sets the author_name query var. // Set author_name as current user’s nicename to get correct posts $posts_query->set( ‘author_name’, $user->user_nicename ); This could be useful if you want to show user’s blog posts … Continued